In order to meet sustainability goals and targets, we feel responsible for sustainability at different levels within our company, either for:

  • Working Conditions and Human Rights
  • Business Ethics
  • Environment
  • Supplier Management
  • responsible sourcing of raw materials

Our company code of ethics complies to ILO Conventions, developed by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) by aiming and promoting decent and productive work, in conditions of freedom, equity, security, respect and dignity.

Proma duly respects all local and international legislation related to its industry sector in terms of business practice and ethical standards. ( 'zero tolerance' towards corruption or bribery and conflict of interest)

Management systems at Proma aim to reduce impacts on the environment, including use of hazardous materials, pretreatment of discharge prior to disposal, and the reduction of emissions and water consumption.

Additionally we consider also our suppliers to be part of the sustainability system to mitigate the all supply chain risk. Suppliers need be aware and act according to industry requirements and international standards regarding sustainability.

Finally we conduct due diligence to certify the source of the raw materials used in all our products with the scope not to use products containing raw materials that contribute to human rights abuses, bribery and ethics violations, or negatively impact the environment. This extends to conflict minerals diligence.

Social Commitments

  • - Partnership con Università per ricerca e innovazione prodotto
  • - Iniziative culturali quali mostre e d eventi
  • - Sponsor recupro e tutela della Piazza più grande del mondo, Carlo III in Caserta